Aegean Music focuses on producing innovative software tools for making and processing music with a focus on guitar products. Amp Vision is our first software package and incorporates a large body of work in many areas, particularly studying and modeling amplifiers, effects, and cabinets

Pitchproof (our second product) is a plug-in that pitch shifts and harmonizes the signal. It produces a high quality effect where the clarity of the signal is preserved, while still having the nuances of famous guitar pedals. Pitchproof is available free on our site.

Spirit Reverb is our innovative approach to spring reverb and custom reverb effects, it is currently for sale on our site.

Doppler Dome is a plugin that simulates the doppler effect, and can combine pan, volume, and pitch effects for film effects, games, and music. It is also free.

Aegean Music is owned by Noah Beamer in Salem, Oregon in the US.

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