The amp models draw inspiration from various sources, vintage and modern amps, classic recordings and studio tones, and in some cases original and experimental ideas. To keep it simple with so many amps we included just a few keywords about the amps to give you an idea of what they might be used for. Genres like 'classic rock' are mentioned since that is the theme of some amps, but the keywords are just generalizations, you can use almost anything for any style, experiment!

Seventy Eight Classic Rock, Shred, Sag, British, Crunch
Adam Boost Classic Rock, British, Crunch, Low Gain
The Standard American, Clean, Country, Contemporary
Fallback American, Clean, Low Gain, Contemporary
Payback Low Wattage, Clean, Low Gain
Heartless Clean, Low Gain, Classic Rock, Contemporary
Ocean Clean, Solid State, Contemporary
Loneman Clean, Low Gain, Lo-fi, Sag
Boiler Low Gain, Extra Bright, British
Azimuth Low Gain, Extra Bright, Lo-fi
Rhino British, Crunch, Hard Rock
Tex Tune American, Clean, Country, Contemporary
Tex Face American, Extra Bright, Low Gain, Country
Valve Jazz Clean, Low Gain, Contemporary
Dreamroads Low Gain, Sag
Gold Crest American, Clean, Low Gain, Sag
Solid Core British, Solid State, Hard Rock
Aura British, Shred, Hard Rock
Terasaur Lo-fi, Hard Rock
Cerberus Shred, Hard Rock, Modern Metal
Pinhead Hard Rock, Modern Metal
Black Wolf Shred, Sag, Hard Rock, Modern Metal
Shinroth Sag, Modern Metal
Rosa Lo-fi, Low Wattage, Clean
Tube Kit Customizable
Science Fair Customizable, Solid State
Emerald Bass Amp
Utility Clean


NAME Description
Meloizer A classic phaser effect. It can get the sound of 1 knob phasers easily with the mix at maximum and the width at about 75%. It can also get many other tones mimicking vibrato or rotary effects. It's not an over the top sci-fi sounding phaser, it's all about being subtle and enhancing your existing tone, and can be dialed down to even more transparent settings than many phasers, hence the Meloizer name.
Classic OD Pro A very fat rich overdrive maintaining a midrange peak making it useful for many things at any level of gain.
Sharp Drive Classic drive box.
Bomber Grungy or smooth overdrive/fuzz.
Blue OD Blusey mellow overdrive with a lot of tone range, from bright to scooped to dark.
Kick Box Distortion with more gain available and less mud, plus adjustable clipping type.
Octa Rock Octave up like an octave fuzz, try it for solos.
Compa Compressor with various options.
Auto Wah The name says it all, auto wah aka envelope filter, a more modern flavor with huge range.
T Delay Echo with all the normal knobs plus a tone control, the mellow dark echo thickens things up without being too noticeable.
Para EQ Parametric EQ
8 Band 8 band EQ, hover over a slider to see it's frequency.
Tremolulu Analog sounding tremolo.
Modchora Versatile pedal for chorus, flanger, vibrato, etc.


Examples of the built in cab sim setting names are below. (These are actual cab impulses, most 4x12 ones are a Marshall* Cab for example.)

Classic 4x12 Punch Normal 4x12
57 OA Normal 4x12 Room Far 4x12
Punch Bright Normal 4x12 Punch Cap Edge 4x12
Closed Balanced 1x12 Closed Far 1x12 4x12
*Names of brands etc. are for informational purposes only and we are not endorsed by or affiliated with them.

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