Step 1: Download

Download one of our products. If you have purchased already, log in and click "My Downloads". If you want to try a demo, go to the downloads section.

Step 2: Install Plugin

Tips on Mac installation:
  Drag amp-vision.component into the components folder. Drag amp-vision.vst into the VST folder. You may need to authenticate, that is normal. Drag AmpVisionReadMe.txt to your documents folder or similar. VST and AU versions should then be available to use in your host applications.

Windows Amp Vision: You will have downloaded amp or a file with a similar name. Extract amp-vision.dll from that zip archive and place it in your VST plugins folder.

The folder can be anywhere but some common folders are: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\VstpluginsC:\Program Files (x86)\VstpluginsC:\Program Files\Vstplugins. You can also create a new folder, whatever you prefer.

To make your VST compatible application find the plugin you will have to set it's VST path to the folder the plugin is now in. So the VST path should match the path of the folder that holds amp-vision.dll. From there you can refresh the plugin list (sometimes called re-scan plugins) and you should be able to load the plugin into your audio application.

Since there are many audio applications that may be used the exact steps and interface may differ.

Step 3: Loading and Activation

Load the plugin into an audio application in any way that will let you see it's graphical user interface. The screen should clearly show the text boxes box 1 and box 2. Find the proper values for those boxes in My Downloads and copy and paste them into the plugin.

Note: Right click paste seems to work best, also try command / ctrl V. In Reaper if you are typing in something and the space key doesn't work try shift space. You could also right click the effects window top bar and enable send all input to plugins.

Click enter and the plugin should now be ready to use.



I clicked my downloads but it asks for a username and password

This is normal as the page is a private page for your account. The username is your account email. It is possible to reset your password if you do not know it.

I can't copy the 2 boxes into the plugin.

With the mouse you should be able to right click and select paste to past the info in. If you have to type in the codes manually be careful to get the case of letters correct etc. Do not worry about spaces, even if no spaces are entered the system should figure things out. If you still cannot get it to activate you can use a different free host for activation, such as VST Host.

I entered the activation code but the activation isn't permanent.

If the activation doesn't seem to be saved to disk, try again. Sometimes it will need to be saved for a different user/configuration. You may also try running the host as administrator. (Right click - run as administrator)

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